ider that you also have a right to sell it. The Captain bit his lip, at a loss what to say, and Aunt Frances realized that she was acting unkindly and perhaps rudely. Do you mean, she asked, that there is nothing for me to do but simply to walk into my old home and her face brightened unconsciously as she spoke. That is exactly CCIE Service Provider what I mean, Miss Avery. You are very Cisco Certification kind, Captain Wadsworth. You can hardly wonder, I am sure, that I cannot find words in which to thank you. Why should you thank me the Colonel replied half mi.schievously. You have felt all along that the place rightfully belonged to you. But you had the law on your side, so what did it matter how I thought or felt It mattered a great deal, Miss Avery so much that, law on my sid. e or no, I CCIE Service Provider it exam confess to you that I have not felt very comfortable in your home, particularly since I moved my men out, and have had the place to myself. Indeed, I ve never really felt at home in the country, and half regret having resigned my commission. You can imagine that all this is a great surprise to me, said Aunt Frances, never looking handsomer in her life, though I acknowledge having cherished just a faint little hope lately that it might come about some day. Why lately, if I may.ask, Miss Avery. Because, said Aunt Frances, blushing a little, Colonel Hamilton told me at the Assembly that he was sorry to have been the

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